BOZAR Brussels, 7/11



19.30 – 21.00




‘Meet the Writer: Kim Stanley Robinson’

‘the gold-standard of realistic, and highly literary, science-fiction writing’ – The Atlantic

In association with BOZAR, we invite Kim Stanley Robinson. He is an American bestselling author of more than 20 science fiction books. The ecological crisis is at the centre of his work.

In 2312, he explores the long-term effects of climate change, such as food shortages, mass extinctions and a 7-metre rise in sea levels. The book criticises the people of the 2005-2060 period for their failure to address climate change. The Ministery of the Future (2020) is a climate bestseller and a strong example of climate fiction. The main aim of the book is to show what the future will look like if we manage to avoid catastrophe. Publisher Starfish provided a Dutch translation of this book, which will be launched on this evening.