Dare To Care

The global Covid crisis brought healthcare into the spotlight. Care however, extends beyond the strictly medical in that it includes everything we do to preserve and restore the world. The erosion of the welfare state, the plundering of the Global South and the crossing of planetary boundaries is alarming. There is also the link between the exploitation of man and of nature.

Imagine we find the courage truly to care for all people and other earthlings, for our unique living world? Is seeing nature merely as raw material for plunder by man, and man as merely driven by competition an attitude we can put behind us? Can care be a new starting point, based on connectedness and generosity? Can care, as an emancipatory principle, underpin politics and economics?

Some of the many speakers

Ecopolis makes room for these questions, and many more, during a day of lectures, conversations, workshops, literature and performance. The analyses and proposals come together from many perspectives: alert carers and emancipated people in need of care, inspiring researchers and committed artists, fellow citizens who start from the local context and guests who bring in experiences and wisdom from indigenous cultures and the Global South. These are some of the many speakers:

Moya De Feyter

Jason Hickel

Benedikte Zitouni

Sien Volders

Carolina Maciel de França


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