Dare To Care

Care has never been as central as it is with the corona crisis. But care goes far beyond the medical: it includes everything we do to preserve and restore the world. The erosion of the welfare state, the plundering of the Global South and the crossing of planetary boundaries is worrying. And what about the link between the exploitation of man and nature?

So what if tomorrow we have the courage to really care for all people and other earthlings, for our unique living world? In which we leave behind the instrumental view of nature as a resource to be plundered, and man as a competitor?  Can care be a new starting point, based on connectedness and generosity? Can care, as an emancipatory principle, underpin politics and economics?


First names!

Also this year, we invite a wide range of literary writers, academic experts and civil society thinkers to engage in dialogue. We already lift a tip of the veil here. Discover the first names!

Moya De Feyter

Jason Hickel

Benedikte Zitouni

Sien Volders

Carolina Maciel de França


Ticket sales start in mid August. Click below if you wish to stay informed.


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