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Jan Rotmans | Warda El-Kaddouri | Yousra Benfquih Hendrik Schoukens | Tom Bauler | Hans Van Dyck
Anuna De Wever | Eva Meijer | Myriam Dumortier

Jan Rotmans

Jan Rotmans is a Dutch scientivist, a passionate and rebellious scientist and an authority in the field of transitions. In doing so, he not only examines the tilting of society, but also plays an active role in it. He wants to accelerate the transition by establishing ICIS, Urgenda, DRIFT, Nederland Kantelt and helping to set up Zorgeloos. With his knowledge, he would like to draw up the rules for how this transition can be realized and bring together fresh viewers and cross-thinkers from all corners of society to creatively reach the tipping point together.

Warda El-Kaddouri

Born in 1990, raised in West Flanders, living in Amsterdam since 2016. Warda has completed two Master studies: English and German Language and Literature at Ghent University / Westphälische Wilhelmsuniversität Münster, and European Studies at KU Leuven. She was a UN youth representative when she started negotiating and addressing the UN in New York. The past four years she worked as a researcher at Ghent University, where she successfully completed her dissertation on religion and identity in German literature in 2019. She has been an editor at De Groene Amsterdammer since 2020.

Yousra Benfquih

Yousra Benfquih holds a master’s degree in law, a master’s degree in human rights and will soon also be awarded a doctorate from the University of Antwerp. She also writes columns, poetry and is a spoken word artist. With the combination of her soothing voice and sharp humor, Benfquih offers a completely personal view on social themes.

Hans Van Dyck

Hans Van Dyck is professor of Behavioral Biology at UCL. He is also head of the Behavioral Ecology and Nature Conservation Laboratory at Earth & Life Institute. He tries to understand the behavior of animals in a human-sized world. In addition to teaching, setting up research and publishing in international professional literature, he is also a columnist for EOS and MO *, and a regular guest on radio and television.

Tom Bauler

Tom Bauler, ecological economist, holds the Chair on “Environment & Economy” at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). He was also visiting research fellow at Harvard University (USA). Tom explores the role of policy instruments and tools in the environmental policy domain. Since 2007, he is exploring the significance of ‘Transition Management’ approaches as overarching policy processes for Low-carbon societies.

Hendrik Schoukens

Hendrik Schoukens is an environmental lawyer and author. Since 2012, he has been affiliated with the Public Law department of Ghent University as a doctoral assistant, where he conducts research into the legal side of habitat restoration. He regularly writes opinion pieces for, among others, Oikos Magazine. Since 2019 he has been Alderman for the greens in Lennik.

Anuna De Wever

Anuna De Wever is a Belgian climate activist. Together with Kyra Gantois she called on students on social media in January 2019 to demonstrate for the climate. Since then, a whole series of school strikes have taken place on Thursdays and Anuna became the main voice of this movement. She is currently doing an internship at the green group in the European Parliament.

Eva Meijer

Dutch philosopher and writer Eva Meijer works as a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University on the agency of animals in the Anthropocene. Her latest novel De nieuwe rivier, a magical realist murder mystery, was published in April 2020. Other publications include her debut Het schuwste dier (2011) – nominated for the Academica Literature Prize and the Gouden Boekenuil – and When animals speak: Towards an interspecies democracy (New York University Press, 2019).

Myriam Dumortier

Myriam Dumortier is an agricultural engineer and a doctor of agricultural sciences. She is visiting professor of forest and nature policy at Ghent University. She regularly writes op-eds for Knack and Oikos Magazine, among others.


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