Leen Schelfhout

Leen Schelfhout is a policy advisor at Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool, and active in Extinction Rebellion and the local citizen list in Antwerp. She is driven by the idea that society should be a dynamic, inclusive and safe environment where people feel comfortable to actively contribute and connect. System change, not climate change is the main goal. She is very much inspired by Deep Democracy facilitating of Myrna Lewis and Fanny Matheusen, and by the organizational research and views of Margaret Wheatley. As a policy advisor she works on building an accessible, powerful and inclusive learning environment. She developed a didactical tool to stimulate active participation of students in classrooms. Next to that she is one of the core contributors to the local and regional citizen list in Antwerp, trying to revive democracy and working towards a system change by focusing on citizen participation and full transparency in policy making (e.g. by organizing citizen assemblies).  Lately she has become very active within Extinction Rebellion, on the local level in Antwerp and on the Belgian level as coordinator of the Regenerative Culture Circle, working on the sustainability of the movement, facilitation and wellbeing, and as part of the political circle.