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Broelkaai 6 & Budascoop



1/10, 20:15 - 22:00


Roman Krznaric

What can be learned from 3000 years of human history so we can tackle the emergencies of the 21st century – from climate change, water scarcity to the threats of AI or synthetic biology? How to design a future that can be shared while being multivocal?

Roman Krznaric is a British-Australian cultural historian and philosopher, founding faculty member of The School of Life, London. Before, he taught at various prominent British universities, was a gardener and worked in human rights programmes in Central America. He also set up the world’s first Empathy Museum and is the author of The Good Ancestor, a book that deals with the world we will be leaving to future generations.

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Frank Keizer (1987) is a poet, critic, writer and editor based in Brussels. He is the author of two chapbooks and two volumes of poetry, Onder normale omstandigheden (Under Normal Circumstances, nominated for the Poetry Debut Prize Aan Zee) in 2016 and Lief slecht ding (Sweet Bad Thing) in 2019. He co-founded the online poetry magazine Samplekanon and is an editor for nY, a Flemish literary magazine. He co-hosts Links Richten (Aim Left), a podcast for leftwing literary criticism. Currently, he is working on a novel and a book of criticism. He has read his work at many festivals from all over the world.His most recent book is De introductie van het plot (The introduction of the plot), published in 2022. <br><br>A conversation – moderated by Dirk Vandenberghe, journalist and podcast creator for Trends, NRC, De Lage Landen and De Standaard, among others, and creator of SIEN magazine.


2/10, 14:00 - 16:30

Broelkaai 6

Multiple Stories Work!

What will be the future of work? Will it be different from now? What views can help us find an answer? Are researchers, writers and artists able to enhance our imagination and to offer new ways of co-operation?


Nada Gambier tells stories about night work which she collected during three walks in the Kortrijk region where people work at night, i.e. from the emergency ward to night stores and larger businesses.

Futurology of Collaboration ― Diederik Peeters and Anna Czapski: a collective of artists and researchers hack, remix and prototype new methods of open-source futurology about the (collaboration of) the future.

Maxime Garcia Diaz: Het is warm in de hivemind is poetry about a radically multi-voiced, multi-lingual and multi-faceted future, with links to pop culture, URLs, internet quotes and references to thinkers such as Donna Haraway, Theodor Adorno and Courtney Love. This collection of poems was awarded the C.Buddingh award for best poetry debut.

Tash Aw: his novel Strangers on a Pier: Portrait of a Family (2016)/ Vreemdelingen op een kade (2022) is an impressive portrait of modern Asia based on his own family story of migration. It tells about the pain of migration waves and its concealment by Asian families who went through it. The story moves from immigrants without any prospects to successful leaders in remote villages to nightclubs in megacities. His story depicts the taboo of failure and how pain and sorrow of the past are desperately passed on from one generation to the next. This book is Aw’s fourth novel, two of his previous novels were longlisted for the prestigious Man Booker Prize.

Herman Loos: the sociologist worked for a year as a Deliveroo courier. He organizes part of his time in line with the rhythm of the ring tone of his smartphone that announces a new delivery. What does it mean to be an independent worker without autonomy? What is the yield of two hours’ cycling, seven deliveries and some thirty kilometers with hot Indian sauce in your back?

Couch session on ‘Werkgenegenheid’ (work affection) : Life is more than just work, yet we spend a considerable part of our lives working. In this talk, we will try to find more satisfaction on the work floor and explore ways to build maximum tenderness, happiness, appetite and equality while at work. With Greet Driessens and Herman Loos on the panel.

Workshop with Philippine Hoegen, Julie Reist and Miriam Hempel – based on What is Work (35 interviews with various voices, various ‘jobs’, different administrative positions and opportunities about ’work’ and what we would expect from it) a huge work chart will be made on the spot.


2/10, 16:30 - 18:00

Broelkaai 6

Time to Talk… (about work?)

From a living library, a person can be borrowed for a one-to-one talk. Stories of newcomers for managers and vice versa, stories of ‘young’ Belgians for ‘old’ Belgians and vice versa, knowledge about and from elsewhere and yesteryear … about work and trade and everything around.
In collaboration with REfu Interim, Antigone & Unie der Zorgelozen.


2/10, 18:00 - ...


Closing performance ― Sébastien Hendrickx: performance Moddertong

Story theatre in Flemish, laced with other languages. There are loose links with the conceptual triangle of ‘mother’, ‘language’ and ‘earth’. Together with the audience, a storyteller is seated around a heap of stuff. The light will be changing; some objects will be moving; footnotes will run away from the text. What routes are there to escape from the home country towards Mother Earth? Will we have to teach ourselves new languages? What will we have to unlearn? What may everyday life look like in the near future? Moddertong attempts at connecting words and objects, audience and storyteller, people and the land on which they stand.


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