Simultaneous interpretation in EN/FR/NL is provided in the Theaterzaal.

11:00 PERFORMANCE Anoek Nuyens & Rebekka De Wit

Lecture perfomance by Dutch dramatists Anoek Nuyens and Rebekka De Wit. After their rock-solid “Monologue for a consumer” last year, will they present their new perfomance # 2 on “The citizen movement, the government & future generations”.

Length: 60′
Language: NL with simultaneous interpretation in EN/FR

12:00 Can we turn the tide?

This is perhaps the most obvious question within the context of the climate crisis. “Het tij keren” (“turning the tide) is also the title of the most recent essay by Dutch writer Joke Hermsen. Based on the life and work of Rosa Luxemburg and Hannah Arendt, she gives hope to the current climate generation. We bring her into conversation with Toon Lambrecht, spokesperson of Youth for Climate Belgium. Arno Kempynck, climate activist with Act For Climate Justice, a movement that believes in the power of civil disobedience, complements this panel with his vision on a different democracy. The panel is complete with climate activist of the first hour, Hugo Van Dienderen, currently active with “Grandparents for Climate” (Grootouders voor het klimaat).

Length: 90′
Language: NL with simultaneous interpretation in EN/FR

13:30 Why should we still study?

“Politicians don’t pay attention to the science taught at school, so why should we still study?” Many youngsters concerned about our climate ask that question. At the same time, it links to the questioning of our business schools, who turned out to be unable to predict, let alone resolve, the financial crisis. As a reaction, British student Maeve Cohen founded the Post-Crash Economics Society, meanwhile she became director of Rethinking Economics. She will talk to Christian Felber, the Austrian thinker who started the “Economy for the Common Good” movement. UN Youth Representative on sustainable development Flore De Pauw, represents the voice of Generation Hope in this debate. With the “student manifesto for an ecological awakening“, Corentin Bisot shows that Generation Hope is ready for another educational system. 30 000 students have already signed this manifesto in which hope is translated into concrete actions.

Length: 90′
Language: EN with simultaneous interpretation in FR/NL

15:00 How to unite countries torn apart?

yellow vests show that solutions for the ecological crisis can only succeed if all groups can support it. Quite a challenge in fragmented countries with gaps between city and countryside, generations, groups with different incomes and backgrounds. A theme with which Elvis Peeters is familiar: he oppressively depicts the reality of our society in his latest novel “De Ommelanden“. This too fits the dialogue with the climate generation, this time represented by Stijn Warmenhoven who organized the first climate strike in the Netherlands. Jonathan Piron, prospective consultant at Etopia, shares his vision. And how does Mariyam Safi look at this as founder of Students for Climate and who fled her home country Afhanistan as a teenager? Désiré Yameogo Sountonguenoma explains how young people in Burkina Faso unite for better living conditions and more democratic freedoms.

Length: 90′
Language: NL with simultaneous interpretation in EN/FR

16:30 Intermezzo: Anissa Boujdaini (spoken word)

Length: 15′

16:45 Global warming and the male meltdown
The interplay of misogyny, right-wing populism and climate denial

Female climate activists are faced with harsh criticism. This is no coincidence, as they criticize the techno-global capitalized system of mainly patriarchal institutions and values. Aware of the fact that their way of life is under threat, these right-wing populist movements give way to a strong anti-feminist bias and a strong climate skepticism. In this debate Sherilyn MacGregor (University of Manchester), Benedikte Zitouni (Université Saint-Louis), Leen Schelfhout (Extinction Rebellion) and Youna Marette (Manifeste de la Génération Climat) will discuss the interwovenness of a ‘caring, inclusive democracy’ and ecofeminism. Moderator: Bieke Purnelle

Length: 90′
Language: EN with simultaneous interpretation in FR/NL

18:00 END


12:00 Climate Inclusion Project (in dutch only)
15:00 Book presentations: on municipalism and commons (in dutch only)
16:30 Round table with young climate activists (english)

Would you like to discuss in a small group with young climate activists from different countries ? Discuss about what you have in common and what you can learn from each other? During this session you have the opportunity to exchange with the German Christian Schwarzer from the Global Youth Biodiversity Network, Corentin Bisot from mouvement pour un réveil écologique, Flore De Pauw UN Youth representive, Toon Lambrecht from Youth for Climate Belgium & Stijn Warmenhoven from Youth for Climate Nederland. But also young activists from outside Europe will join the discussion such as Désiré Yameogo from Burkina-Faso and Yves Makwambala from the Congolese youth movement ‘Lucha’. 

The number of participants for this workshop is limited. Reserve your seat here > ROUND TABLE


12:00 Workshop 'Active Hope' (in dutch only)
13:30 Interactive session on Eco-feminism (in english)

During this interactive session you can talk to Canadian environmental social scientist Sherilyn MacGregor in a small group. Working at the Sustainable Consumption Institute of the University of Manchester UK, she investigates how social inequalities and differences affect people’s perception and experiences, as well as their responses to environmental and climate crises. She is best known for her work that examines socio-ecological issues from a critical eco-feminist perspective. Reserve your seat for this session and discover with Sherilyn MacGregor the importance of ecofeminism in the struggle for another model that recognizes both social and ecological boundaries. 

The number of participants for this workshop is limited. Rreserve your seat here > ECO-FEMINISM

15:00 It's all the fault of the Chinese! (in dutch only)
16:30 BrusselAvenir: Inspiring visions for the cities of tomorrow (in English)

Brussels AVenir depicts new stories for cities, together with citizens, entrepreneurs, experts and creatives. Recently they have been working around the question of what a socio-ecoligical city in 2030 could look like. With the help of a tool to take into account the diversity of the urban context, they will travel to the future during this workshop to create together stories who allow us to convince others to play an active role in the transition to social and climate resilient cities.

The number of participants for this workshop is limited. Rreserve your seat here > BRUSSELAVENIR

Language: ENG


12:00 The power of nourishing agriculture (in dutch only)

Myiram Dumortier (Oikos) gaat in gesprek met Ruben Segers (Kollebloem, Vlaamse Ardennen), Laurence Claerhout (Vanier, Gent) en Maarten Cools (Goedinge) en Stephanie De Caluwé (Pomona) over de kracht van voedende landbouw, die gericht is op de productie van eerlijk voedsel in evenwicht met de natuur.

13:30 Bouture Fest: A festival for plant lovers (workshop in english)

Camille offers a kefir bar workshop. Come discover the fermentation of this magical microbiotic drink for your body, taste different recipes and go home with kefir grains and a small bottle to continue at home.

The number of participants for this workshop is limited. Rreserve your seat here > BOUTURE FEST

15:00 Bouture Fest: A festival for plant lovers (workshop in french)

The number of participants for this workshop is limited. Rreserve your seat here > BOUTURE FEST