Sunday 18 October 2020, 11:00 – 18:00
Kaaitheater livestream
Labiomista livestream Kaaitheater
Translab K ― CC ‘t Schaliken, Grote Markt 35, 2200 Herentals

This year’s edition will have no live audience, and will move entirely online. We will build a cosy studio on the Kaaitheater stage and stream the lectures and conversations directly to your living room.

Interact? You will be able to ask questions to the moderator via smartphone. Afterwards, ticket holders will receive a link to rewatch the whole event.

The programme of Labiomista will not take place. Ecopolis Vormingplus Kempen will take place as scheduled at CC ’t Schaliken in Herentals, though at reduced capacity.



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