First names for Ecopolis 2019!

Joke Hermsen ∙ Christian Felber ∙ Elvis Peeters ∙ Arno Kempynck ∙ Maeve Cohen ∙ Anissa Boujdaini & Stijn warmenhoven

Ecopolis 2019: Generation Hope

It is the most remarkable event of the past year: the worldwide mass uprising of the youth against the climate impasse. From Sweden over Australia to Brazil, this Generation Hope holds up a mirror to politicians and catapults the climate quarrels into the heart of the social debate. By uniting, not settling with half-hearted measures and insisting on vigorous climate policy, the youth today occupies an increasingly prominent place on the political scene. How do we keep climate warming below 1.5° C? What policy do we need? Ecopolis 2019 will be a special edition for and especially with #GenerationHope, focusing on a sustainable future on a viable planet.


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