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ECOPOLIS 2018 – Just Transition

It is possible: making the change to a society who is respecting the boundaries of the planet and one that offers development opportunities for everyone. Nevertheless, this is not a simple challenge. How will we realize a Just Transition – on energy, work, transport, food, etc. –in the context of an increasing polarization and inequality? It requires far-reaching changes of an unseen scale and speed, while nobody can be left behind.

How can we strengthen social justice and work at the same time on ecological sustainability?

That is the challenge of ‘Just Transition’. How realize cooperation in a superdiverse society, so everyone can have equal access to a valuable job, payable and sustainable housing, food and energy. With focus for stories from practice, literature and academical research, Ecopolis tries to connect across the sectors, via equality and open dialogues. Ecopolis is a festival with lectures, debates, films and performances where voices out academia, economics, the civil society and the artistic field will be discussed.


About Ecopolis

All the speakers will be simultaneously translated into English – French – Dutch

Ecopolis, formerly known as Het Groene Boek, is the perfect annual day to meet people who are concerned with the transition to a socio-ecological society in Kaaitheater. Because ecological challenges cross national and language boundaries, Ecopolis is diverse, international and interactive.

Ecopolis invites national and international authors to debate the transition towards a socio-ecological society. Academics, writers and civil society thinkers meet to enter into a constructive and open dialogue. Besides lectures, debates and interviews, there is an extensive book-fair with multilingual, ecological books and an internationally acclaimed documentary on the environment.

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Next edition: Sunday 25 November 2018

Kaaitheater, Sainctelettesquare 20, Brussels

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