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“To change everything, it takes everyone.” Ecopolis 2018 was an inspiring event, with more than 800 participants taking this ethos to heart by coming together to discuss a just transition for all. Assembling at the Kaaitheater in Brussels, attendees joined over 35 speakers from both national and international level organisations to explore social justice, the world of work and climate action for an exciting day of debate.

Would you like to catch-up on the debates again, read the reports written for Ecopolis on behalf of Passa Porta, or share the event with friends, family and colleagues who may have missed it? Then check out this website.

You can watch the debates and find the timetable at PROGRAMME. Were you inspired by a specific debate or speaker? Then share with us via social media and keep the discussion going online!

You can read the texts of Rachida Lamrabet and Jeroen Theunissen via EXTRA. Do you want to know more about the partners who organized Ecopolis 2018? Find here useful links and relevant Facebook pages & Twitter accounts.

Did you find inspiration in one of the sessions in the FORUM & would you like to know more about the organisations and speakers that took part? Check out the FORUM page for more information.

Have a look at the PICTURES from Ecopolis 2018 to relive this inspiring day of discussion.

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About Ecopolis

All the speakers will be simultaneously translated into English – French – Dutch

Ecopolis, formerly known as Het Groene Boek, is the perfect annual day to meet people who are concerned with the transition to a socio-ecological society in Kaaitheater. Because ecological challenges cross national and language boundaries, Ecopolis is diverse, international and interactive.

Ecopolis invites national and international authors to debate the transition towards a socio-ecological society. Academics, writers and civil society thinkers meet to enter into a constructive and open dialogue. Besides lectures, debates and interviews, there is an extensive book-fair with multilingual, ecological books and an internationally acclaimed documentary on the environment.

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